We want to kick off a conversation about your stool. 

Humans all used to squat and physiologically this is your bodies favoured position to 'go'. But for some reason in the Western world, we switched the squat for a seat on the porcelain throne with our knees hanging from the bowl. This doesn't make it easy for your bowel.

When you are standing or seated your puborectalis muscle holds your colon slightly kinked to keep everything safely blocked up. This saves you a lot of embarrassment. When you squat this muscle relaxes, straightening your rectum and ensuring a smoother passage for your stool. It's science.


Your goodstool will support you in getting closer to a squatting position without having to buy a whole new toilet. No need to dig a hole in the backyard to get back to the old school, we will meet you halfway with a stool so sleek you won't want to hide it in the cupboard.

Research shows that using devices similar to a goodstool decreases the strain when going to the bathroom, as well as ensuring a quicker and more complete evacuation of your bowel. And who wouldn't want that?

Once you 'go' you will know. Soon you will ask yourself- how did I ever live without this? Just like we did.

Revolutionise your daily routine with goodstool.